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First Flight of Love: Introductory Flying Lesson Over San Francisco’s Coast

First Flight of Love: Introductory Flying Lesson Over San Francisco’s Coast

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Discover the magic of the first flight with your significant other. This is not just a typical scenic trip but your first step into the world of aviation and doorway to potentially acquiring your private pilot license. Together, experience the excitement of your first flight lesson, with one of you in the pilot's seat and the other cheering on. Guided by a professional FAA-certified flight instructor, this package is perfect for couples who share a passion for adventure and learning how to fly. Whether it's a celebration of a special day or the beginning of a new journey, this package turns the dream of flying into a shared romantic adventure. 

 Light Package:

  • Comprehensive pre-flight briefing and post-flight debriefing.
  • Hands-on piloting experience under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor.
  • 45-minute introductory flight lesson. The total time will be 1.5-2 hours, inclusive of briefing and debriefing by a Certified Flight Instructor.
  • First flight certificate.

Sweet Package:

  • All features of the Light Package.
  • Extended flight lesson for an in-depth experience.
  • Photography service to capture your first flight lesson together.
  • Post-flight gourmet picnic with fine cheeses, fruits, and artisanal bread.

Bespoke Package:

  • A package crafted with personal touches, catering to your unique desires and specifications.
  • Flexible flight lesson duration and personalized flight route.

Each option in this package is thoughtfully designed to combine the thrill of learning to fly with the joy of a romantic experience, creating an unforgettable journey that starts in the skies above San Francisco.

To receive a full refund, you must cancel at least 48 hours before the scheduled time.

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